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RX100 M3 + Monopod Challenge: Ktown Night Market

In my previous post about the RX100 M3, I had taken it to the OC Night Market to test out how well the sensor handled high ISO. The shots from that test turned out well and were usable after some light editing. The camera is perfect for an environment where you need a small camera to not stand out. It's hard to beat the RX100 M3 with its size to feature ratios: the pop up electronic viewfinder, pop up flash that you can tilt backwards, and articulating screen give you some great flexibility with this small but powerful camera. The location is still a night market, but I brought my monopod along this time.

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Sony RX100 M3 Challenge: OC Night Market

So far all my photography related posts have involved my DSLR (technically mine is a DSLT but I will refer to it as a DSLR). I love my big DSLR with all the buttons to quickly change my exposure and the images my lenses are able to capture, but sometimes it’s not what I want to carry around. I am not bothered by the weight of the DSLR, but sometimes, especially when there is a heavy crowd and you need to walk around quite a bit, a more easy-to-handle and discrete camera is better suited for the situation.

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24 Hour Animation Competition 2014

With all the cons I have been going to lately, one would assume as a Long Beach resident, I would be attending the Long Beach Comic Con (LBCC). Well I did not attend LBCC and instead I participated in an animation competition, where the goal was to create a 30-second animation in 24 hours with a team of 5 people. The topic of the animation is based off of a prompt given to us at the start of the competition.

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Getting Started In Cosplay Photography

Cosplay (costume play) is a performance art that brings ideas, characters and stories to life and shows a passion that inspires and lifts up those around them. People can't help but want to photograph cosplayers so they can show everyone else the joy and inspiration cosplay brings. Sometimes though you want to take that photography further beyond documentation and into an art form of itself. The cosplay community is a great and friendly community and I'm happy to have already begun my adventures in exploring it. I'm brand new to the scene of cosplay photography myself, but I think writing this article early on while the experience is fresh is the best way to go.

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Anime California Con 135mm Round 2

After my first con this summer I went to two more cons: Anime Expo and Anime California. For Anime Expo I just decided to walk around and enjoy myself with my girlfriend while taking some shots of her with my new Sony RX100 M3. Just an FYI I plan on doing a challenge with that in the future since it’s such a powerful little camera than can fit in your pocket easily. For Anime California though I wanted to try out my 135mm again as I knew I would have the opportunity to shoot a pool party area. I had a little bit of a different environment for me this time to test this lens out.

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LA Cosplay Con 135mm Challenge

A week before LA Cosplay Con I decided to attend this event and create a photography challenge for myself. I have always enjoyed using my 135mm lens as it captures beautiful photos but is at the same time very niche in its uses. I really wanted to try it out with some cosplay, so I bought my ticket for the Cosplay Con and went through my normal workweek waiting excitedly for the weekend to roll around. On that day, not really knowing what to expect, I simply picked up my camera bag and headed out.

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